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How to Build a Connected Payment Platform

There’s a lot going on in this whole digital payments thing. You need to get money from consumers, merchants, and brands. You must make sure everything is safe and secure. You need to combine in-store purchases with offers, gifts and other sources of value. Plus you want to be able to interact with the whole set of participants before, during and after the purchase. PHEW! Sounds like a lot of work. And meanwhile, you have an app burning a hole in your . . . well, you really just want to get it into people’s hands. Right? Let Modo handle all of that other stuff for you. And you can get back to work on an app that works in-store.

For their part of an in-store purchase, or for a gift for someone else.  Using any source of value that Modo supports.  Right now, Modo supports all major payment cards.

For the funding of offers, deals, rewards, and whatever else you dream up.  Also, perhaps your billing/revenue deal with them.  Right now, Modo supports all major payment cards.

All of this information goes into the vault here at Modo, and we take that very seriously.  That’s also why we need to confirm information directly with the consumer, merchant, and brand – just to be sure.

Every element of the Modo purchase is contained within a single transaction.  Once it’s done, everyone is fully paid up, and you can move on to enabling the next great in-store experience.

You aren’t building apps or experiences for segments.  You are building them for people!  Modo enables you to interact with individuals every step along the way, including before, during and after the purchase process.

Materials Required

When Building a Connected Payment Platform

There are a few key things that you need to be able connect the dots between your app, a consumer, a merchant, and in-store offers, gifts, and purchases. Modo supports a huge set of mobile phones, payment cards, as well as payments terminals. Finally Modo Connect is an open API that allows you to build the app you want, with the business terms you need.

99% of all consumers have the required phone.  Modo supports any phone that has at least SMS capability.  But, as always, more is more and Modo can do more with Bluetooth, smartphone, or NFC capabilities.

99% of all consumers have the required card.  Modo can accept any major payment card, whether credit, debit, or prepaid.  This includes VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  Modo is hard at work on a bunch of other store specific cards too.

98% of all stores have the required terminal.  This is the tricky bit for most mobile payments solutions.  Modo works with any payments terminal that can take a manually entered VISA card number.  Upcoming capabilities include Bluetooth, QR Code, Barcode, and NFC integrations with payments or POS terminals.

Unfortunately for everyone else you have to multiply all of those percentages together to figure out how much coverage you’ve got for your app.  Modo can cover over 96% of the in-store purchase opportunities you have.  Others are less, some less than 1% (NFC anyone?).

The bread and butter of what Modo does for you.  Modo Connect has been designed as a flexible and robust set of web services that you can use to conduct in-store gifts, offers, and purchases.

Need to create the world’s most imaginative offer that depends on whether you can Tweet, Like, and Check-in while standing on one foot?  Modo’s got your back. You tell us how to deliver value to in-store purchases.  You tell us who funds that.  You tell us how you want to be paid.  Modo does the rest.


API Tips from the Pros

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Setting Up Your Server

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First Steps

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Different Funding Sources and Lifespans

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Offer And Gift Request States

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How Funding Sources Work

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Encouraging App Adoption

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Best Practices for Creating A Seamless UI

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